• Execute CONGA via Maven
  • Have a first look at the role definitions, templates and environments
  • Inspect the generated configuration

Git project


Build sample application and CONGA configuration

  1. Go to the root of the GIT repository and execute:

    mvn clean install

    This builds the sample application and generates all configuration.

  2. Have a look at the roles and templates contained in the example

    • definition/src/main/roles
    • definition/src/main/templates
  3. Have a look at the environment
    • environment/src/main/environments
  4. Have a look at the generated configuration
    • environment/target/configuration/dev/localhost

Deploy generated configuration to Tomcat

  1. Download Tomcat 9 (“Core ZIP” version) and extract to local file system
  2. Check environment/src/main/environments/dev.yaml and update the jvm.path and tomcat.path variables to your local Java and Tomcat paths.
  3. Regenerate the CONGA configuration
  4. Copy the generated configuration from environment/target/configuration/dev/localhost to your local Tomcat path
    • This also includes the sample application (sample-app.war)
  5. Start Tomcat via startup.bat (Windows) / startup.sh (Unix-based systems)
  6. Open URL http://localhost:8080/sample-app/

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Version: 1. Last Published: 2020-12-01.